Killing Nazis is suicide

Kill Nazis and all that, yeah, but put practically that doesn’t work because an ideology doesn’t exist inside of a person. It’s an infectious illness transmitted even from the dead.

I wish I believed that righteous condemnation could cure it, but righteous condemnation creates it.

Being offended is easy. Vilifying others is easy. Killing people is easy.

It’s not easy to have such an open mind that you are willing to be convinced that you and everyone like you shouldn’t exist in the world. It’s not easy to convince yourself otherwise once you’ve been conditioned to accept it.

Fascism, eugenics, all the things people claim to hate the most about Nazis are things they fight to defend for themselves every day.

Especially by those who claim to not understand that if someone doesn’t want a disabled child they shouldn’t have a child at all. Those who want cures for the existence of our entire population. Those that live day by day in a world where people are being exterminated all around them and not finding fault in their own houses.

It’s funny, laughably funny, that people are shocked and outraged to see another rise in Nazis when they paved the way themselves. That they can look directly into the eyes of their peers and can’t see the similarities.

I don’t trust NTABs just as I don’t trust Nazis. I will break bread with them and even sit at their feet to hear them speak. Just like I would for all Nazis. It’s pointless not to. It’s hypocritical and it’s ignorant. And I have no choice because there is genuinely no distinction between any of you at the core of your morality.

I can see their point of view, though. I can see why a utopia wouldn’t include me. I inherently believed it when I was a child and as an adult I can sympathize and at times believe it more than they do.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice the self soothing justification that you have a right to live just as you are, you’ll never be able to eliminate Nazis. The infection is already inside you. The calls are coming from inside the house.

Once NTABs advocating social justice and civil rights are willing to consider that the world would be better off without them, to see how the world suffers because their bodies and minds are average, only then will I agree to trust them.

Simply put, if they claim to hate Nazis but choose not to speak about disability as frequently and fervently as they do any other marginalized group then they should die together. Support their own supposed cause.

tl;dr if you aren’t ashamed that you’re not disabled you’re a fucking Nazi. You still want the ability to participate in society so you are fighting on the same side. You aren’t disabled from society. You aren’t disabled from the responsibility of Nazi crimes.

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