What is an IQ? Explained through Star Wars

IQ is an abbreviation for the German term Intelligenzquotient (intelligence quotient) coined by psychologist William Stern in 1912. IQ tests work by determining a person’s “mental age” in comparison to their chronological age.

Intelligence itself has multiple definitions ranging from measurements of logic, comprehension, emotional depth, creativity, etc. but the word itself is derivative from the Latin intellēctus which itself is derivative of intelligere, referring to the comprehension of perception. It’s history is rooted in metaphysical and cosmological philosophies and referred to what science now understands is quantum mechanics (physics) as a function of hypothetical and physical manifestation.

It is the concept people most popularly know as “Schrödinger’s Cat” which was a thought experiment created by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. Essentially it means if that you put a cat in a box and there is a possibility of it dying then it is simultaneously alive and dead until you yourself can physically see the results. This was proven through modern experiments like the “Double–Slit Experiment.” It proves that in order to exist something has to be observed through consciousness.

Essentially this means that everything that is thought to exist does exist and everything a person is ignorant of does not. Literally. One theory as how to why this works fits under the popular String Theory and suggests that alternate dimensions are physical manifestations of every creature that has the ability of perception. A way to conceptualize this for yourself is with The Mandela Effect conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy theory “The Mandela Effect” claims that reality has been retroactively changed because historical evidence and concrete social “intelligence” has had contradictory realities. In Einstein’s space-time theory he discovered that time and space exist tangibility and inseparably. The existence of anything from an object to an event is only observed through the concept of time which is not linear but perceived to be through conscious perspective; a person’s consciousness perceives time like Schrödinger’s Cat.

If you can, recall the original Star Wars trilogy.

What exactly did the character Darth Vader say to confess that he was the protagonist’s father? If you remember it as, “Luke, I am your father” you are recalling an alternate history to the one we currently live. Within it the line observably correct is, “no, I am your father.”

In the original script the line was, “You don’t know the truth, Obi-Wan killed your father,” as a way to keep the actual reveal from leaking before the movie was released. Mark Hamill was verbally told what the line would be but was filmed responding to the fake line about Obi-Wan being a murderer. James Earl Jones was given a script that there is photographic evidence of in which the line reads “Luke, I am your father.” Each actor recalls the correct line actually beginning with Luke’s name as most people remember; despite that, if you view a copy of the film itself you will hear “no” instead.

There are many examples but multiple from Star Wars itself, theoretically because the franchise had a large cultural impact. The second most popular example of “The Mandela Effect” is what color you remember C-3PO to have been in the original film in 1977 and subsequent merchandising thereof.

The history of the IQ test is gravely dark due to how it has been applied to the educational system and economy.

There have been many IQ tests but the IQ score most people are familiar with comes from an American test originally created by Stanford psychologist Lewis Terman in 1916 to rank and track academic process specifically in the Stanford educational system and was then adopted by the US government. You can consider it a more invasive social GPA. This test was based off of the IQ test created in France by Albert Binet when school attendance had been made compulsory. It determined what proper placement to reach the same educational goals a child should have. Before institutional education there had been no substantial standard of intelligence, no exact knowledge and/or ability required from different communities and trades.

Stanford University is and always has been a prestigious school intended for neurologically typical, rich, white Americans with preferred heritability under the application of eugenics. When the test lost its ability to weed out anyone outside of these marginalizations it was changed to marginalize certain members of society once again. This was easily done because many parts of the American IQ test were based on what was considered “practical” knowledge and ability. Practicality of knowledge and ability varies between communities and trades.

Scientists and other academics like Einstein infamously tested poorly in school but this was not exactly the fault of the educational system’s curriculum per se, it was the result of being neurologically divergent. This term refers to those whose cognitive ability is outside the average of the a human’s neurological structure. Depending on what this cognition can produce for any given society is what differentiates genius from idiocy, idiot being a pre-existing diagnosis of what we now refer to as “mentally ill.” When it’s hard to make a distinction between the two, the term “idiot savant” is applied.

In summary, your SAT score means less than your knowledge of Star Wars trivia. Specifically your perceptive memories of Star Wars trivia.

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