The queer issues of intersections between gender and disability

The other day netizens got really angry when I said that despite how I see my gender I don’t consider myself trans. I’ve always admitted that I’m probably wrong since I’m not cis and any alternative ironically falls of under the trans-umbrella *cough**cough*

As a kid, though, I knew exactly what my gender was. It was the same as my sexuality: disabled.

Despite reproductive organs there are very distinct methods used to condition NTAB children versus disabled children. There is, of course, a third option of conditioning disabled children as NTAB or NTAB as disabled. Think one of those Lifetime movies about Munchausen by proxy.

My disability specifically dictated what I was expected to feel toward others and how they should feel toward me. It predicted my sexual history at the moment of birth.

I could give you endless examples but honestly, if you can’t make an educated guess then you need to go back to disability 101 before you have the ability to come to this conversation.

As a kid I also came out to people all the time but my identity wasn’t seen as a valid™. Adults would make comments about how I was a tomboy but I would correct them saying I was disabled. These condescending motherfuckers usually laughed at first and then became extremely sad.

“You shouldn’t call yourself disabled.”

Full stop.

I started to refer to myself as “nothing” which simply got laughed at so I continued using it. People don’t think it’s so funny now that they’re woke. Coincidentally they tend to be prideful™ queers who think parades and events shouldn’t have the undue pressure to fit the money to become accessible.

They also tend to be the NTABs that say transables are not valid™ because of transphobia and the offense toward the disabled community. They can’t explain the offense toward the disabled community but if you then go ask a disabled person they’ll explained that it’s an issue of government aid and who qualifies for it. Same issue as every other trans group.

But no, Heather, go ahead and use the handicap stall. I may be cripple but you’ve been waiting longer.

You take the lead on what should be ableism or not, you’ve been valid longer.

5 thoughts on “The queer issues of intersections between gender and disability

    • As of now, I would say cripple punk but the community is going through transition right now since Tai has passed. It’s been a little cliquey. Opinions like mine are creating a bit of a split.


      • Probably a dumb question but…Most of what you say seems rational and you back up your facts, do your views differ from the mainstream of disabled people? If so how? Is there good reading material


  1. There are different clans of disabled people, the only mainstream ones, so to speak, are the NTAB privileged elderly or the empathetic white inspirational porn actors. Below it’s A bunch of queers cliquing. You have the Spoonies and The Cripple Punks and NDs etc. but also groups of people with similar conditions and they all have specific issues they care more about. Many of my opinions that I post here are not common because I’m doing my best to do what I did in high school and not have any friends so I can try to watch everyone.

    Not to say that all of my opinions are unpopular because all of them that I’m sharing are things I learn from other disabled people, primarily on social media. I have a Tumblr blog so when I post these opinions I obviously come under a lot of fire but in the end the consensus is always “this is something most of us didn’t know we didn’t know about and that is the disconnect between everyone disagreeing.”

    Obviously since self-satisfied cripple fashion hasn’t gone pop yet there are no real great resources but a few popular people. Annie Elainey is a great example; representing for Cripple Punks and Spoonsies. If you are interested in the people I’m following you can see who I reblog from aforementioned Tumblr nucpunk.tumblr


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