You have 30 days to be human, GO!

I was on Facebook (it’s the cheapest form of assisted social suicide) and I saw this really interesting comment. These sentiments aren’t exactly unique but I think it’s really well put so I got there permission to share


There is actually a pretty good reason for this 30 day grace period. If you want to lose a habit or gain one a fundamental way to do that is to stick with that behavior for 30 days. All behaviors and thoughts have specific neurological signals and the more you use them the stronger they get, at about the end of 30 days these neurological signals can become compulsive and not necessarily need to trigger.

Seeing someone in pain usually triggers empathy and so you would assume friends and family naturally join the in as allies but it depends on what a person internalizes within those 30 days.

People are socially pressured into carrying about people they actually don’t. It may not be malicious, but many people will be there because it’s just the right thing to do, not because they love you. They love themselves and they love their social standing. The reason the social grace time and the neurological capabilities in NTs last only about 30 days is because of that old pagan saying “as above, so below”; we create social models based off of our neurological capabilities.

To stay beside someone who is disabled you have to have a special abilities. Essentially, you have to be neurologically divergent, mentally ill, to be able to love. It’s reasons like these that people who aren’t disabled have so many special needs.

This is why the greatest strides in our civil rights were made once we were allowed to interact with each other outside of barred hospitals.

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