Painful color spectrum

Spoonies are people with chronic illness. What is a chronic illness? It's a persistent condition; simplified it means getting sick and never being able to get better. The term/label was coined after the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino to help explain what chronic illness is like to people who don't have it. Not everyone with … Continue reading Painful color spectrum


Glee is as terrible as I remember

As per request, here is my review of Glee Season1: Episode Nine "Wheels." Full disclosure, I have seen this before; this isn't my type of show but after it was on for a few seasons I caved in to peer pressure and binged watch it but I don't remember much other than it didn't really … Continue reading Glee is as terrible as I remember

Cable’s disabled childhood

As an X-Men character and member of the Summers family Cable has an extensive and convoluted story so I'm only going to cover a small glimpse of his childhood to look at his disability and disability narrative. Mutants are considered a marginalized race in the Marvel universe and mutation is used as a metaphor for … Continue reading Cable’s disabled childhood

Your sexuality is fake

My sexuality is disabled. I was born disabled. So my whole life. All of my conditioning revolved around my being disabled, which meant that I was taught that my expectations should be to fall in unrequited love but never have any actual sexual urges. I was explicitly told to expect the people who were sexually … Continue reading Your sexuality is fake

Why are disabled people rude?

It's true that some people that are neurologically divergent have a hard time remembering to do some things that are considered polite like offering to get someone food if they are getting some for themselves. It's a misconception that this is an "autistic thing" and even with autism it's not as black and white as … Continue reading Why are disabled people rude?

Why are so many millennial’s disabled?

A hot take for pro–eugenic advocates, a.k.a. Nazis, is that so many people claiming to be disabled are faking it because it's impossible for there to be this many of us all of a sudden. Last week Richard Vedder wrote for Forbes, whining about how disabled kids in college get "privileges" and it's hurting his … Continue reading Why are so many millennial’s disabled?

Crippled punk aesthetic

As people emerge from the cripple punk culture we've found many of us like the same things and dress in similar ways but we aren't going down the rabbit hole today of Jungian theories. Meeting disabled people just like me made me realize how complicated cultural appropriation actually is. I understand why it would be annoying … Continue reading Crippled punk aesthetic