It’s like you can call anything ableist now

Disabled person: that’s ableist

NTAB: OMG you say everything is ableist

That’s because it is. That’s the point of disabling people. From very basic slang to gas chambers, a society creates everything intending to remove that which they don’t want; when this refers to a person it’s called disability.

That’s what the word means.

You idiot.

Sure, it’s annoying to have people call you out on your ableist behavior, like calling someone an idiot, but that’s because it’s a Captain Obvious Callout. At times it can be impossible not to be “politically correct” but. Who. The. Fuck. Cares.

People moan and roll their eyes but don’t freak out over dudebros snickering every time someone says hard or wet. It’s a lot easier to complain about someone saying something pointless when it’s not about disability because, by definition, you have the privilege to be able to do so. It’s socially acceptable. Not just socially acceptable, socially expected. Socially mandated.

We know why the word “wet” is funny. You don’t have to point it out and you don’t have to explain it. Everyone is on the same page.

We know why the word idiot is ableist. It’s intentionally ableist.. It can’t not be. Everyone is on the same page.

Except for the disabled people because they’ve been cut out of the book completely.

It annoys the shit out of me when people stop a conversation to point out how problematic saying “stand up” is just like I’m annoyed when anyone feels the need to do it when someone says “man up.” But for some people, they aren’t pointing out the obvious. Sometimes the person they are speaking to or the people listening are ignorant, even if they are ignorant of their ignorance.

If you’re in a physical or virtual queer space it’s really not necessary to explain sex and genderism. If you are in a physical or virtual disabled space it’s not necessary to explain ableism.

But get this: if you aren’t disabled and you hear/see someone define this the chances are that you’re not in a disabled space. If you are in one then you’re invading it.

And yes, there are a lot of disabled people out there singing to the choir and annoying each other but I can’t imagine you’ve been disabled very long if you can’t sympathize.

How excited would you be if you were just old enough to use the Internet and join a disabled community for the first time because are no physical ones exist? How excited would you be to have the ability to callout microaggressions? Think of the people that aren’t on the Internet all day. People IRL even if that means their bedroom? Trying to stay in the closet despite the stress of having strangers tell them they would pray for their souls and then be required to thank those ecclesiastic assholes.

You’re upset. They’re upset. Everyone’s upset.

At least their frustration is valid™

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