Handicap bathrooms are not trans bathrooms

Due to the high statistics of assault in bathrooms trans ABs use handicap stalls for more privacy and safety. They need to fuck off.

These are segregated bathrooms for disabled people; that means there isn’t another option for us. You have the privilege of using public stalls, appropriating our bathrooms, or going home. Start going home. We do.

Are handicap bathrooms ever okay to use if you are trans? Of course. Trans disabled people should have priority. Next comes cis disabled people. This is the end of the list.

Physical and sexual assault are very real issues for both abled and disabled people; as trans issues have begun entering the forefront of the LGBT™ narrative bathrooms have become a key issue. The best result for everyone would be nondiscriminatory bathrooms; gender-neutral and fully accessible. Bathrooms that already meet these standards are not a part of this conversation.

If you are only fighting for gender-neutral bathrooms you aren’t an ally to the disabled, you’re another oppressor.

As someone non-binary (thus trans) and also physically disabled to the point where accessible bathrooms are imperative, I’m telling you that even if a cis disabled person tells you to get the fuck out of the bathroom and you should get the fuck out of the bathroom.

Assaults including rape are statistically omnipresent threats to trans people of all abilities. Oh well. Assaults including rape are statistically real threats to the disabled at such high levels that we are the only marginalized group in which all genders (including cis men) are nearly identical; the only group in which male presenting people are at less risk are those in the blind or otherwise visually impaired community.

Queer cripples still fight to be heard every year for Pride parades to become accessible. Actual support or acknowledgment of the disabled members in the queer community is nonexistent, the most we can help to fight for is inclusion in public parades and we have been fighting for this for years.

There is no sympathy to be had for ABs of any marginalized group that doesn’t prioritize their disabled members.

If you are at all frustrated or angry when disabled people tell you that you are not allowed to use segregated bathrooms then take that anger and fight for our rights to end segregation in the first place.

One of the most insidious things about segregation is that those of privilege (you) are not only allowed to use segregated bathrooms, segregated seating, and segregated water fountains, you are permitted to literally move to the front of the line.

There will be little resistance from disabled people when you do these things because you people assault us.

You beat us.

You rape us.

You murder us.

Being trans does not absolve you of able-bodied privilege.

You feel entitled to the point where you don’t care if you are publicly humiliating another human being or causing them physical harm.

Do you ever have to piss or shit your pants in public because there are no bathrooms available? If so, good. You can relate. This is something disabled people have to do far more often that anyone seems to be able to comprehend.

A common excuse is that these bathrooms are only used when there are no disabled people around.

That is complete bull shit.

Not only is this not true when it comes to people who are visibly physically disabled it is especially not true when it comes to people with invisible disabilities. A person who appears healthy and can walk and that does not mean that they have the ability to use a non-accessible stall like you. If you see someone with a cane or crutches it doesn’t mean they can use public bathrooms simply because those things can fit in a stall whereas a wheelchair can’t.

Handicap bathrooms are trans issues. They are queer issues. They are feminist issues. They are racial issues. They are issues of every marginalized group because we exist in every marginalized group; and even if we didn’t merely arguing with disabled people about this issue is not acceptable.

If you want handicap bathrooms/stalls to be available for trans ABs then you need to fight for your right to be declared disabled. Either physically or mentally disabled will do.

The LGBT™ has been using disabled legislation to advance their civil rights for far too long. Especially because the NTAB members are so proud of being dropped from the DSM.

Step up or step out because you literally can.

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